Love Hurts
Love hurts. Stories make it better.

#98: Mark Pagán - My Father's Sons

This is Love Hurts. Mark Pagán is a filmmaker and audio producer living in Brooklyn. Growing up, Mark had two half-brothers who were much older than him, and as a result, he never felt very close to them. Then, something happened when he was an adult that changed the way he connected to each of them in his life.

Mark is the Host and Producer of Other Men Need Help, a podcast that looks at how men look at themselves in the world. Our theme song is EmoTown by Mikki Hommel. Follow Love Hurts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and rate and review on Apple Podcasts!

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Love Hurts is a podcast hosted by Bryan Berlin that celebrates the messiness of relationships, whether with family, friends, partners, faith, or themselves. Each episode features a new guest sharing their struggle with love.