Love Hurts
Love hurts. Stories make it better.
#121: Emily Walsh - The Little Prince
#120: Jackie Skinner - Life of an Artist
#119: Brooke McCarthy - Societal Shame
#118: Torrey Shine - Grief Piles
#117: Lane Kwederis - Double Life
#116: Michele Carlo - Late Bloomer
#115: Amie Enriquez - Anti-Life Jacket
#114: Cinelle Barnes - Objects of My Affection
#113: Ivy Eisenberg - Mid-20s Fog
#112: Robin Gelfenbien - Alone For The Holidays
#111: Kate Shine - Rainy Season
#110: Nestor Gomez - Breaking The Silence
Love Hurts is a podcast hosted by Bryan Berlin that celebrates the messiness of relationships, whether with family, friends, partners, faith, or themselves. Each episode features a new guest sharing their struggle with love.